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        ABOUT US
        Combination of classical and modern
        Have their own unique brand characteristics
        Brand Development
        Advanced production technology drive the development of the brand.Ruilong ceramics always adopts the advanced equipment, improving the efficiency of energy utilization.Increasing investment in science and technology,our products will be more in line with current market consumption concept.
        Ruilong ceramics  ambition
        Our aim is "quality, service and innovation".
        Group Photo
        In China import and export commodities fair, Ruilong ceramics won the praise from overseas customers with active creativity and unique productions.
        The innovation process of  the brand
        Our products have high technical content and high added value.The production set with daily, ornamental and the collection . It become favore by the market.
        Middle East
        Ruilong ceramics went into the Middle East market, mixing the unique exotic elements.Traditional ceramic add the form of a amazing, distinctive flavour in it.
        Europe and America  area
        From classic to modern minimalist series, Ruilong ceramics gives our life special atmosphere and personal element.
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